Elektrashock Virtual Production Solutions

Nancy Fulton serves as advisor to Darnell Williams, founder of Elektrashock Studios.

If you are looking for help building a high value, cost-effective, rapid virtual production solution for feature film or television projects, reach out for a live demo by emailing nancy@nobetterfriend.com.

Turn key solutions include:

  • State-of-the-Art Unreal Engine Green Screen Production Hardware, Software, Training, Support that lets you put live actors on fully interactive 3D sets so you can swiftly, locally, and very cost-effectively shoot film, episodic television, and commercial content. Solutions allow producers to add digital characters and special FX in on-set, in real time.
  • Realtime Animation Solutions that let you shoot animated features and episodic adult and childrens television content in days rather than weeks.
  • Creation of digital stuntmen and digital doubles of lead actors using high-res 3D scanning and state of the art motion capture systems.
  • VP Stage and Equipment Rental Solutions available, along with support for creating accurate Virtual Production budgets and shooting schedules.

For more information on Producer/Virtual Production Supervisor Darnell Willams, visit Elektrashock.

Darnell Williams, Producer/VPS Elektrashock Studios